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~ Virtual Classroom Games ~


Need: Nothing! 

Time: 3-5 minutes

Play:  Invite them to point at objects they see in their environment and label them.  First round: label things correctly; second round: label things the "wrong" thing; third round: label things with silly nicknames; and final round: label things however they want!  They play this with mics unmuted and all at once!

Tie In:  Creating an atmosphere that feels supportive, welcoming, accepting and safe to take risks.  Warms up their voices and their minds and their capacity to make choices that are right as well as to take chances when they don't know the answer.  Talking all at once can be chaotic but it helps shyer kids to feel more comfortable using their voice.  They can also be inspired by each other & by noticing what others' say.



Time: 3-5 minutes

Play:  You ask them a series of questions (5-10) in a row at a relatively fast pace and they answer all at once, mics unmuted, as fast as they can.  They can be right, wrong, nonsensical - you are encouraging them to just make a choice and hold acceptance for that practice.  You can frame it in themes/subjects if that feels supportive.  

Tie In:  Getting their attention, keeping their attention in the present moment, encouraging trying, helping them to feel safe taking risks, warming up voices, getting out of their heads, making each other laugh with surprising ideas.  

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