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Improv Comedy for the Healing Process


This program is a supportive practice of connection and play to nurture your healing journey.  Folks in this program will be invited to explore the power of a sense of humour, acceptance, connection, and presence in the process of building (and rebuilding) healthy relationships with ourselves. Through guided creative exercises, reflection, giggles (optional), and a safe, shared space to embrace exactly who you are, discover the opportunities available to us in the absence of a plan and presence with the moment.  Prerequisite: I see you have a plan there! It looks great!  Put it away please, we won't be needing that right now.  



This program is for folks aged 18 and up, but workshops may also be available for youth and parents (please inquire for details).


Program Developer and Facilitator: Ashley Seaman is a seasoned & qualified Educator, Member in Good Standing with the Ontario College of Teachers since 2008, with over a decade of experience developing and teaching Improv/Arts Programs for all ages.  Ashley is also fully recovered from an Eating Disorder for over 10 years, and incredibly passionate about inspiring hope in others wherever they are in the process of healing.  Best of all, you get to share this experience with other folks who are on similar journeys to yourself, reminding you that you are not alone and it's possible to find joy, light & connection even in the darkest times.

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Wednesday March 16 @ 5pm-7pm

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