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Are workshops online? In-person?  Outdoors?

Yes! Yes! And Yes! Or a combination of delivery mode, if that is most appropriate.  Y.A.Y. follows all Health & Safety Protocols as outlined by the City of Toronto; when safe we can meet in person, when necessary/preferred workshops are available for online facilitation.  Online workshops can be delivered through your company/school's preferred platform or set up by Y.A.Y.   For in-person workshops, Y.A.Y. comes to you and delivers workshops on site (any safe, open space you have, such as a conference room, auditorium or classroom). 

Prices (in Toronto) are the same for online & in-person.  Outside of the GTA there is an increased fee for in-person workshops.  

How long are workshops? And how many can I book at once?

Workshops are offered in 60/90/120 minutes (Half Day) or 180/210/270 minutes (Full Day).  Custom Length Workshops may be available for an additional fee.   Book a one-off, or a recurring (cost-saving) bundle of 4-12 at a time.  Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Intensives are available.  All workshops run during school instructional/work hours.  Evening & Holiday Workshops may be available for an additional fee.  

What do I bring? What do I wear? 

Bring nothing! Except maybe water because hydration is important.  Wear whatever you want but dressing comfortably is encouraged (including comfortable footwear).  There is some light movement incorporated (nothing intense!) and we are often standing.*  *Y.A.Y. is committed to providing accessible and inclusive workshops.  Please let us know in advance if you have any social/physical/mental differences in your group - all are welcome and the more we know, the more we can make your workshops just right for you & your team!

Where do I find your prices? 

Since Y.A.Y. offers a variety of workshops designed for different teams with varying goals, preferences and needs, please get in touch for prices of the workshop(s) you are interested in:

So, what actually happens in a workshop?

With respect to the element surprise (Improv is all about navigating the unknown together, after all) a general outline of what to expect is that your group will be led through warm ups and exercises in whole group format, and sometimes smaller groups.   Exercises invite participants to explore the various facets of Improv* (such as communication, presence, risk-taking, team-work, leadership, creative collaboration, public speaking, confidence-building, comedy, storytelling, spontaneity, resilience, etc.). There is time for questions, reflection, and debriefing on experiences.  Breaks are included in longer workshops, and encouraged whenever needed in shorter workshops.  

*The program focus depends on the type of workshop you book.  

What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

In the event of a cancellation without 24 hour notice, there is a charge of 50% of the total booking.*  Alternatively, you may wish to reschedule free of charge, in which case, at least a 48 hour notice is appreciated.  *There are no charges for rescheduling or cancellation due to a city-mandated lockdown.  Safety first!

Can I sit in on a workshop to just observe?

Y.A.Y.'s priority is to ensure the utmost comfort & support for participants, therefore, there is a no-auditing policy.  However, if you wish to chat or have any specific questions, feel free to get in touch!  We're always happy to hear from you!

What if someone feels nervous or anxious about a workshop (asking for a friend)? 

Your friend is not alone!  Many people feel nervous about Improv; a common bit of feedback we hear is: "I was so anxious to try this, but I really loved it and can't wait to do it again" or "That wasn't as scary as I thought!" 

Y.A.Y. Programs are a low-stakes, no-pressure space for for being human.  Everything offered in the workshops are opportunities, rather than obligations, to be present, discover, explore, express, connect, play, laugh, reflect.  Participants can take a break whenever they need, and workshops are specifically designed to bring a sense of comfort to being outside comfort zones!  Oftentimes, people are surprised how they can be both nervous/anxious AND smiling/having fun at the same time.  The goal is to explore what can happen when we practice bringing a deeper sense of acceptance and humour to how we feel, how we connect, work, create, grow - and to be curious about what can happen when we (try to!) let go of a plan and judgements.   Because Improv Comedy is all about acceptance, all feelings are welcome; sometimes when we know we're 'allowed' to feel anxious/nervous, we see those feelings in a new, refreshing light...Finally, if any members of your team would like to chat with us directly or have any other specific questions, please feel free to reach out anytime! Y.A.Y. has been creating and facilitating workshops for people of all degrees of nervousness for many years, so we assure you, your team/students are 100% supported.   

I have more questions - can I contact someone directly?  

You most certainly can, and we'd be happy to hear from you!  Reach us at

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