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WHEN IS THIS HAPPENING and is it March Break yet?  Almost!  March Break Improv Comedy Sessions will take place: MONDAY - FRIDAY @ 10am-12pm each day (ages 10-13)*.  

*If you have a child/teen who is outside of the aforementioned age bracket but is really excited about Improv, just let us know and we will see what we can do! No guarantees - but it’s always worth a try!

WHO IS THIS FOR?  Kids (age 10-13) who want to spend a little of their March Break being silly, meeting new friends, giggling, stepping out of their shells and enjoying a creative space where they are encouraged to be exactly who they are!  Nervous folks are more than welcome! This is an inclusive, supportive space to explore acceptance, connection, comedic voice (sense of humour), and share the joys of Improv!  Y.A.Y. is AODA certified and committed to providing inclusive and accessible programming as best as we can! 

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? We will play games!  Led by a qualified educator, these virtual sessions will give kids the chance to practice acceptance, support, creative expression and collaboration - all in the context of fun!  Exercises also recruit skills of communication, focus, presence and team-work…it’s serious business, this PLAY!  “Hmm, what a great way to keep the kids entertained & engaged, while providing them with a semblance of routine so getting back to ‘school mode’ isn’t such a labyrinth of emotion!” - Yes, I would agree!

WHO IS RUNNING THIS SILLINESS?! All Y.A.Y. Programs are brought to you by Ashley Seaman, an Educator in Good Standing with the Ontario College of Teachers, and over 12 years experience developing and instructing Arts/Wellness Programs for kids and teens!  Y.A.Y. is also a proud Educational Partner of the TDSB (since 2020), and for a few years, Ashley led the Youth/Teen Department at The Second City Training Centre in Toronto, where she remains on the faculty teaching kids, teen, and adult Improv Comedy Programs.  

WHY IS THIS VIRTUAL?  This is a March Break experience facilitated virtually so you can play right from the comfort of your couch and in your pajamas if you so choose! (It IS March Break, after all!)  A link to the virtual classroom will be emailed to you after you are registered.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO PARTICIPATE? A device with a secure internet connection to join the virtual Improv Room! And a quiet place to join.  Also must be human.  

SHOW ME THE MONEY! I MEAN, HOW DO I SHOW YOU THE MONEY?  Nice “Jerry Maguire” reference, it’s been a while!  Payment is accepted via e-transfer or cheque.  Details are provided when you book your spot! *Must fill out a waiver  (provided upon registration).  Participants will not be admitted into the virtual Improv room until waiver is signed and payment is received.  Alas, policies!

SIGN ME UP! (I mean..sign my kid up…not me, Improv terrifies me - but my kid will love it)!

Please email to book a spot
(for your child, of course)!

I LIKE THE IDEA OF THIS, BUT I’M NOT 100% SURE ABOUT COMMITING TO THE WHOLE WEEK.  CAN YOU BE FLEXIBLE?  Why, COIT-ainly (to be pronounced in Bugs Bunny’s voice)!   


OPTION A:  JOIN FOR THE WEEK (Mon-Fri @ 10am-12pm each day)
$200 per child (no hst)

OPTION B: JOIN FOR 1-4 DAYS (Mon/Tues/Thu/Fri @ 10am-12pm each day)
$50/day, per child (no hst)

UM, IS THAT REALLY CHEAP OR IS IT JUST ME?  No, you’re right, it’s a heck of a deal.

WHY? ARE YOU CRAZY?  Thank you for asking, I’m absolutely fine.  Y.A.Y. loves sharing the joys of Improv with kids, and watching their confidence grow through the practice of supporting one another.  Y.A.Y. also understands finding childcare can be a nightmare, having 2 hours to yourself is a blessing, and living expenses are out-of-control.  So, no, not crazy, just living in crazy times and trying to offer a little calm with some affordable fun! 

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