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SCHOOLS (Staff & Students)

Students develop presence & a positive mind frame for the learning process.  Staff enjoy the chance to connect in a low-pressure context!  Workshops offer stress-relief, communication, focus, acceptance, risk-taking, resilience, supporting others and more!  Explore how a practice of presence and teamwork can build something meaningful and make school a happier place for everyone!

- 60/90/120 min.

(For 4-20 students)

For prices & custom packages, please get in touch.


Relieve stress, focus more deeply, improve communication & camaraderie so you can become a more efficient and happy team! w Discover through Improv how everything we need to tackle challenges is available to us in the moment - and in a supportive & confident connection with our colleagues.  Book workshops for a full day, half day, or over lunch!  On site and virtual options available.

- 60/90/120 min.

(For 4-20 participants)

For prices & custom packages, please get in touch.


Explore the creative and rejuvenating tools of Improv Comedy in a shared practice of connection, presence, resilience, and play! Whether you hope to bring a greater sense of wellbeing and healing into your community, neighbourhood, or into your home, this is a super-supportive, low-stakes opportunity to nurture your wellness practice with joyful acceptance, mindfulness and laughter - play one-one-one or in a group!

-60/90/120 min

(For 1-20 participants)

For prices & custom packages, please get in touch.

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