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Welcome to You Amaze You!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

You & your team are your best resources for Wellness in Education and at Work!

Led by Arts & Wellness Educator and Ontario College of Teachers member Ashley Seaman, explore, practice and enjoy the benefits of mindfulness, communication, connection, team-building, play, humour and acceptance. Discover the joys and opportunities available each moment through empowering ourselves and others on our journey of personal, professional and creative wellness.

Whether your goals be to improve communication, explore innovative approaches to learning/teaching/working, build confidence, lead a team, support others, strengthening social connections, promote a positive learning/growing/working experience, heal & promote mental through Ashley’s Wellness & Arts programs, You Amaze You!!

About Y.A.Y's Creator:

Ashley Seaman is a member in Good Standing with The Ontario College of Teachers, on faculty at The Second City Training Centre (Sketch & Improv Theatre), as well as a guest teacher for many schools and businesses, offering her expertise in Arts & Wellness as they pertain to Professional and Personal Development. Ashley battled an ED for over 12 years and discovering Improv was an integral component in Ashley’s emotional, mental and behavioural healing. Her goal with her on-going workshop “Recovery Improv”, in partnership with The Healing Collective, is to offer the opportunity to cultivate acceptance (through play!) in order to nurture healing, inspire and empower others to believe in their own recovery process. Recovery is not only possible but the process itself may empower you to be stronger and happier than you ever thought you could be! “The very things that held you down are going to carry you up and up and up!” - Timothy Mouse, Dumbo.* (Ashley also has a passion for Disney-related things, so please accept/forgive impromptu Disney references.)

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